Why use Wrist Wraps & Straps?



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“Studies in the US have shown that nearly a million people visited the emergency department from 1990 to 2007 due to weight lifting injuries” … don’t be one of these individuals!

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What are wrist wraps and straps good for? What aren't they good for? Are you less of a beast if you wear them, or are they the key to becoming a beast in the first place? Here’s what you need to know.

The wrist is an essential structure of your body, with fragile bones, it bridges the hand to the forearm.

Why should we use Wrist Straps & Wraps?


A Wrist Strap is sewn pieces of cloth and material that loops around your wrist and the barbell to make it easier to hold heavier weight. It can assist you to concentrate on the muscles you are working, rather then the muscles you not training. Any body builder or trainer will know what this means.

A simple analogy for the wrist strap can be; executing a chin up, and after a few short reps the wrists are fatiguing quicker than the upper back and thus failure occurs. Additionally, without the use of wrist straps, your wrists can be bent poorly, fatigued, or over strained. Leading to injuries such as tendinopathy, muscles strains or nerve compression.

Although, plenty of tough guys out there will scream the use of wrist straps as “cheating”, as they generally aren’t used in power lifting. For what it is worth they are allowed in strongman competitions. But the use of wrist straps will help you to make strength and size gains as you are able to push more load and weight. 

Conversely, a Wrist Wrap wraps around the wrist joint to provide support to the wrist during heavy or maximal effort sets. Without the use of a wrist wrap, the wrist can be compromised while under load, and cause an increased amount of compressive forces on the wrist mechanics. This can lead to possible injury and failed lifts.  

A simple analogy for the wrist wrap can be; executing a bench press, and after a few reps  technique begins to fail and the wrist goes into excessive wrist extension, compromising the joint. The wrist wrap will provide support and limit the movement 

Want our advice? Use the Wrist Wraps!

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