Physiotherapy for Pregnancy?


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Here’s some good news… your baby is growing!

At Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy in Belfield, we can help you during your pregnancy and post-natal.

During and after pregnancy, changes can occur to your muscles, ligaments and joints that can affect your whole body. Physiotherapy can help women to manage these changes and reduce the impact they can have on the body. We conduct thorough assessments related to your pain and discomfort and provide specialised treatments tailored to your needs and stage of pregnancy.

Physiotherapy can help improve and lessen a range of symptoms that are being experienced during and after pregnancy:

  • Neck and lower back pain

  • Nerve impingement (typically sciatica)

  • Ankle pain

  • Muscle weakness (typically deep muscles of the lower back and abdominals)


In 2015, a study was conducted that researched the effect of 4 physiotherapy interventions for pregnant related pelvic girdle pain. This disabling and severe condition can affect 20% of pregnant women. The study showed that those pregnant participants who completed 6 physiotherapy sessions over a 6-week period, were able to improve their pain levels and function leading up to the birth. That is a great recent article specifying the importance of physiotherapy during the stages of pregnancy. As such, let's also remember the significance of eating well and attaining to a well balanced diet. Our clinics guest Dietitian blogger - Stefanie, knows all about this and can help you during the process.


So, what is our advice?

  • Evidence suggests physiotherapy will help you manage pains and discomforts. If you are experiencing pains or discomforts, get it checked out. The longer you leave the pain or impairment, the more likely it will be present around child birth and impact you post-natal.


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Reference: Barfoot, C., Tudor, R., Almeida, I. D., Joice, D., Stapes, S., Smith R., Bateman, A., Mercer, C. & Koulouglioti, C. (2015). A pilot randomised trial of 4 physiotherapy interventions for pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain. Research Report Poster Presentation, 101, 1, 111.

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