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Are you one of those athletes that turn up to training late just to skip the warm up? Well I will be showing you the benefits of warming up to improve performance as well as reduce risk of injuries.


What is warm up?

Warm up consists of a series of gentle exercises that raises the body temperature and prepares a player physiologically and psychologically for physical activities.


How do I warm up?

Warm up should consist of 10-15min of dynamic warm up. For the first 5-10min, athletes should start with light cardiovascular exercises such as jogging or cycling. After that, athletes will move on to activity based exercises. If you are a throwing athlete, you should perform any shoulder/trunk related movement and progress into throwing specific warm ups with gradual increase of power.

If you are performing any strength related training, after the cardiovascular exercises, you should perform the same exercise but with lower resistance and gradually increase the weight.


Why is it so important to warm up?

A study that was conducted in 2017 by Andersson, Bahr, Clarsen & Myklebust suggested that warm up is effective and it aids in injury prevention. The study looked at 660 elite handball players (constant overhead throwing population) with an intervention group performing warm up and a controlled group not performing the warm up. The result has found that there is a 30% reduction in shoulder problems by the end of the 7month season.



Take home message:

Warm up could be the most boring part of a training session. If the warm up is too boring, you may ask the coach to make it more interesting by implementing some drills within the warm up. In conclusion, warm up should not be overlooked as it will help to prevent injury and improve performance.

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