Tension-Type Headache


Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy & Wellness in Belfield provides servicing to many near by Inner West suburbs including Belmore, Strathfield and Croydon park. See below some general information regarding a condition we can treat. 

Tension-Type Headaches are one of the most common headache disorders to impact everyday lives. Our Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy clinicians use a very specific technique to release the tension within the aponeurosis galea, which may be causing the headache.


It is often described as a tight band around the head causing pain on both sides of the forehead.


A fibrous band known as the aponeurosis galea exists that runs from the front to the back of the head. Stress or tension / tightness running through muscles such as the trapezius can cause tension in the aponeurosis galea, thus may be causing the Tension-Type


Headache a sufferer is experiencing. Other symptoms that someone can experience:

  • Dull and persistent pain that may vary in intensity (mild to moderate) and is usually felt on both sides of the head or neck (some however experience jabs of sudden pain in the head)

  • A constant, tight, heavy or pressing sensation on or around the head

  • Neck movements (active or passive) restricted by muscular stiffness and discomfort

  • Ache in the back or over the left side of the chest

  • Trouble concentrating and difficulty sleeping

  • Depression and anxiety (common).


Treatment for this condition includes joint mobilisations, soft tissue therapy and superior scalp lifting techniques etc.

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