In house physiotherapy assessments and treatments are provided. We pride ourselves on providing quality physiotherapy services and back our ability to offer you the most effective treatment protocols. We believe each patient is unique and therefore a personalised approach is required to ensure sustainable outcomes are achieved. Treatments can include joint mobilisations, soft tissue therapy, taping, ultrasound therapy, nerve gliding and exercise for deep muscle activation. 


Skilled with soft tissue and deep tissue therapy, our team, are fully equipped to handle any condition and individual. Massage therapy is great for athletes, laborers, those stressed out or even office workers, receive regular therapeutic massage to keep themselves in good physical condition. Massage can loosen muscles, improve muscle tone, and increase blood flow to particular areas.

We have all been thinking the BMI health measurement has had its days. We needed a technological advancement to give everyday people a further insight into their body. Gone is the 200-year-old mathematical equation and behold – the BIOSCAN.

Our BIOSCAN technology uses high tech, full body scanning to measure 16 body parts and is fully equipped to track and monitor body composition changes with unparalleled accuracy.

Our aim is to empower and educate clients of all ages. To improve the quality of lives by making positive behavioural lifestyle choices to achieve their goals.



Pre-employment screens are performed at our site to determine a person's eligibility for employment. We are delivering the best employment screening and verification available as quickly and efficiently as possible. Missing an employment risk isn’t just about hiring a poor worker, it’s about employing a time bomb. This time bomb can be poised to harm an organisation in potentially profound ways with devastating financial and reputational repercussions. Enquire within


We provide motor vehicle accident rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Our Physiotherapists are experienced in recovering individuals from a basic isolated neck whiplash injury, to shooting pains down the shoulder, arm and fingers. Completed within the physio clinic, we communicate with your doctor and insurance to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.


We accept and willingly treat Workers Compensation Injuries. We will communicate with your insurer, case manager, doctor and employer. The main goal is to return the injured worker into normal duties. Treatments are completed within the physio clinic at no cost. We communicate with your doctor and insurance to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.


Our team are well trained in hydrotherapy treatments. Effective for post surgical and osteoarthritic patients, hydrotherapy providies an off-loading treatment for your joints and muscles. Previously a professional swimmer, our Head Physiotherapist Michael is skilled in taking you through a range of  water based exercises to benefit a range of injuries.


Our therapist's are highly trained and specialised to work in aged care facilities and nursing homes. Our team are specialised, well educated and experienced with all conditions and facilities. We present ourselves at a number of aged care facilities across Sydney. We also work with home care services to provide in-house and home consultations. 


Our therapist's are highly trained and specialised in on-field physiotherapy care for all sports. In addition, we provide side line physio care that involves taping, icing, soft tissue therapy and basic deep muscle strengthening prior to game time. If your sport requires the assistance of side-line or on-field physio, enquire now.


Strength & Conditioning is provided during in house physiotherapy consultations. Previously running a personal training studio, Head Physiotherapist Michael is skilled with all aspects of strength and conditioning. With some on site equipment, we use  exercise therapy to manage the wide variety of injuries that present to our clinic. Referrals are also made to external sites.

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