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Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy presents … Pain.

Pain is a feeling, just like being sad or happy. It is an output of the brain and it is a normal experience.

When you limp after an ankle sprain, this is your bodies mechanism to reduce further danger to the ankle … pain can therefore protect us!

How do you feel pain? Your body has more than 74 km of nerves in the body. These nerves are constantly sending and receiving messages from the tissues to the brain. By the time you have experienced pain that comes from an injury, a cascade of events has already occurred to inform you that you have an ache, pain or discomfort. However, ...

An injury or some form of tissue damage does not always equal pain…

For example, in life threatening situations such as a shark bite, the survivor may just feel a knock. This is because the brain has decided the encounter is a more beneficial experience then the pain that is associated with a bite. It is therefore necessary to state that tissue damage is not always an accurate representation for what the body is experiencing.

What if pain persists? It is common to experience pain in a chronic nature. If the pain is persisting, it is because your brain believes there is danger in the area and it requires protection. It is the unfortunate fact that we live in a brain-threatening environment. It is outside our control, that our brains can feel on edge and threatened and… when this occurs pain can persist. Over time, pain becomes sensitised and the correlation between degree of injury and pain weakens.

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