Temporomandibular Disorder



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Do you have a painful clicking jaw when you open your mouth? You might be suffering from Temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Studies suggest that 25% of the population suffers from this condition with women being in a higher risk. 


What is TMD?

TMD is a painful condition that involves your jaw joint and the muscles around it. The joint is called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It is located in front of the ears that connects your jaw and your head.


What are the signs and symptoms?

Facial pain: Patients usually experience a dull pain around the joint area. Pain usually comes on with the association of jaw movements. 

Headache: It usually radiates from the jaw to temple or forehead. It is often described as a dull headache and it is the most intense in the morning. 

Neck pain: Neck muscles and cervical joints are more prone to tense up which result in neck pain. 

TMJ dysfunction: Clicking, popping noises or jaw locking during jaw movements. 


How can physiotherapy help?

TMJ mobilisation: Physiotherapist mobilises the joint to reduce pain, improve range of motion (ROM) and inhibition of muscle spasm. 

Exercises: Physiotherapists will prescribe appropriate exercises to strengthen as well as stretching the muscles around the TMJ. 

Massage: The masseter muscle is used for chewing and jaw clenching. This muscle is often overused and it gets very tight. Therefore it is important to reduce the tension of the masseter in order to reduce the pain. 


Take home message: 

TMD should not be overlooked. If it is left untreated, it could cause extremely intense pain along with headaches and eventually affects quality of life. If you suspect you have some symptoms of TMD, don't hesitate to see a doctor or a physiotherapist so it can be treated as soon as possible.


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