Nerve Injuries (Nerve Root Compression)


Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy & Wellness in Belfield provides servicing to many near by Inner West suburbs including Belmore, Strathfield and Croydon park. See below some general information regarding a condition we can treat. 

Limp in Leap out Physiotherapists have a passion for treating nerve pain in our Belfield clinic. 


Do you feel shooting pains down the arm or leg? Do you feel pins and needles or numbness and some form of weakness?


You may have heard of the common injury known as sciatica, which refers to a compression on the sciatic nerve in the back of the leg. This nerve injury can occur to any nerve in your leg, arm, hand or foot extremity.


The injury generally originates from the spine. There are 3 ways a nerve injury can compress a nerve: 

- Nucleus pulposos from the disc

- Excess inflammation in the ligamentum flavum 

- An osteophyte (bone growth) 


Therefore if you feel pins and needles, numbness or pains shooting down the arm in to the hand or foot, this may be a nerve root compression. 


Techniques performed in our clinic to assist patients with nerve injuries are joint mobilising, soft tissue therapy, nerve gliding and traction etc.

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