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The Meniscus is an amount of cartilage that belongs between the knee joint (tibia and femur bones). The purpose of the meniscus is to provide cushioning, and thus act as a shock absorber during weight bearing activities.

The meniscus may be subjected to tears or degeneration. Degeneration occurs due to the wear and tear of the joint – this is known as osteoarthritis. Otherwise, meniscus tears can occur, most commonly in athletic settings. These tears occur due to straightening, bending or twisting the knee vigorously. It is most commonly sustained during netball, soccer and basketball.

What you can feel:

  • Locking sensation

  • Immediate sharp pain

  • Complaints of clicking, popping

  • Swelling

  • Some form of a limp


In some cases, only a small amount of pain and swelling may be experienced followed by a resolution of symptoms and recommencement of activities.

The unfortunate fact:

The meniscus doesn’t heal all that well. Only about 10-30% of the menisci is vascularised with good blood flow. Good blood flow assists to heal tears and injuries. As such, in severe cases this injury requires surgery due to the amount of white zone (non-blood flow zone) trauma.

Fear no more:​

At our clinic, we have a machine that works to increase chondrocyte formation and as such regeneration of cartilage. We have helped many of these clients in the Belfield, Belmore, Croydon Park and Strathfield area. In some instances, we can also use this technique for Osteoarthritis.

This information can be used to gain a better understanding on meniscus tears, and how physiotherapists can help. To find out more about how we can help your pain, or to book in for a consultation you can contact us via our Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy & Wellness contact us page, or book online here.

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