Injuries causing retirement - to treat or not?



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"Josh Dugan wanted to medically retire with a knee injury" - a statement released on 5th Feb 2020, claiming his continuation of playing in the NRL is in crisis.

It is often said that a sports star will die twice, the first time at retirement. For elite athletes who have dedicated their lives to sport, what happens when your time comes to an end, if you aren’t an athlete, then WHO ARE YOU?


Today's discussion is about retirement from sports and the life of an athlete. Being a large topic, we thought we would only discuss - the injury causing retirement.


What happens to these athletes once they leave the days of rigorous training, the large amounts of time spent travelling and the adrenaline of competing? The injury that is causing their retirement slips away. Although the injury is still present, they don't believe the injury is still causing an impact on their life - so they don't need to peruse the appropriate rehabilitation to fix it... and why should they, the belief that the injury will solve itself it understandable. Don't exercise/play sport = no aggravation of injury!! Makes sense right?


Speaking from personal experience, I retired due to a knee injury of the medial collateral ligament/ medial meniscus tear. I thought, why should I see a physiotherapist when it'll probably get better by itself (or so I thought). My injury till I became a physiotherapist continued to impact my squat technique. Don't be silly like me... Our advice:

Here is our tip:

  • If you have an injury that is hindering your progression in sport, hence retirement - get that injury fixed. If you don't, you risk the severity of the injury. It may progress and impact your ability to perform activities and other exercise in the future.

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