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With the end of year fast approaching, so too does the HSC… students are madly getting their heads around their BIGGEST study block of their schooling life.


During this time last year, and the year before – we found a massive increase in younger people presenting with neck pain, lower back pain, headaches and in some cases the pain being so severe, it impacts their actual studying time.

We believe prevention is the best cure. Here are our take home points:

  • Have a dedicated study break. A study break can entail any movement or position other than sitting at your desk studying (either on the computer or in the books). Postural muscle fatigue will cause the body to sag (sag = NO). The body is made to MOVE – so do so by taking a 15 min break every 1 – 2 hours to allow the spine positioning to change

  • Schedule into your routine a regular exercise break. This will help to stretch tight muscles and joints that have been still for so long while studying. With as little as 15 – 30 minutes, you could stretch out your body, take the dog for a walk, shoot some hoops in the backyard and essentially re-energise your body. Did you know exercise can also help improve cognitive function (WOW?)


So for anyone who is participating in this year’s HSC exams OR for anyone really who is partaking in regular exam blocks, LISTEN UP! … If you feel a tension or tightness while staring at your book flipping pages, a dull headache appearing in your forehead or some lower back pain that is becoming increasingly annoying over the last few days; perform the above techniques and if the symptoms persist - see your local Belfield physiotherapist.

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