Pain when your sitting - Coccydynia

Coccydynia is an inflammation of the tail bone (or coccyx). The coccyx is the last segment of bone at the bottom of the spine


What you need to know about Muscle Strains

Have you recently felt pain in a muscle from over stretching or a high impact movement?

Do you have pain when moving this muscle or increasing the load on this muscle?

You may be suffering from a muscle strain.


Is Foam Rolling a waste of time?

A 2019 research paper investigated foam rolling on 20-m sprint performance and ROM for the ankle, knee and hip..


If would like to know what the evidence is on using foam rolling, have a read!



Get your GIANT wallet out of your back pocket

If you're lucky enough to carry a fat wad of cash in your back pocket, carry an insane amount of coupons, or you just out of habit put your wallet in your back pocket before you sit ...


you need to read this !


Will your footwear cause you injuries

The right footwear may help you keep your feet healthy and your body safe from injury... find out from the latest evidence on the impact of footwear on your injuries


Recovery post workout/sport - FACT or FICTION?

Will compression garments, ice baths or stretching assist with recovery after a workout or sport routine?

If would like to know what the evidence is, have a read!



What you need to know about Shoulder Dislocations

Find out about the latest information about shoulder dislocations, complications that can occur and how we can help you.



Should Kids be Strength Training?

You've probably heard at some stage that strength training can shunt growth plates or height - BUT IS THIS TRUE?



What you need to know about Tibialis Posterior injuries?

Pain around your ankle or arch of your foot? Panful heel or arch in the morning?  You need to read this




Want to know what COACH MOEY beleives are the biggest posterior chain exercises out there right now .... 



Bed Rest - yay or nay?

Is it a good idea to bed rest when you have back pain? Or is this a massive misconception?



The recovery tool you aren't focusing on

COACH MOEY provides us with a quick insight into SLEEP and why we should be taking advantage of an awesome recovery tool



Long head of BIceps Tendinopathy

James breaks down biceps tendinopathy injury that could be impacting you. Do you have pain in your biceps? Read now!



Here is what you need to know about NECK PAIN

Pain in the neck that isn't going away?  Here is what you need to know about what neck pain is and how we can help..



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - What is it?

Pain in the palm side of the hand? Is it giving you pins and needles? Want to know how physio can help...



The simple trick to Ankle Re-sprains

Find out everything you need to know about ANKLE RE-SPRAINS, and how physiotherapy can help



Sleep and Athletic Performance

How much do you know about sleep and it's impact on athletic performance? James has broken down some evidence on how they correlate


JUMPER'S knee - What is it?

Pain at the front of the knee? Pain with lunges? Pain after exercise? Do you play sport involving running or jumping?


Surviving your Exam Block!

Suffering from some form of neck/lower back pain from sitting down for too long? You need to read this leading up the HSC exams


Are you SICK & TIRED of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a nasty condition impacting our population, find out why you should see our physiotherapists!


No pain, No gain - Traffic Light Analogy 

Learn an analogy to help you cope through pain on a daily basis


Play with injury, OR NOT?

If you've injured yourself, do you go ahead and play a comp/training session... or do you not?


Injury causing Retirement?

Do you have an injury that is causing your retirement, or an injury that caused your retirement.. get it fixed!


Knee Cracking - IS IT BAD??

Do you have knee crepitus/clicking or cracking? Find out why this may be the case, and how we can help


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pins & Needles, numbness or weakness in the palm of your hand? You need to read this...


Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome?

Pain at the outside of the hip, is it sore with walking, running & after prolonged sitting?


Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Pain with squatting or going down the stairs? Your knee caps may not be tracking well, and hence giving you pain.


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