Do you want an instant body fat percentage measurement? 

At Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy & Wellness we believe information is power.

We have all been thinking the BMI health measurement has had its days. We needed a technological advancement to give everyday people a further insight into their body. Gone is the 200-year-old mathematical equation and behold – the BIOSCAN.

Our BIOSCAN technology uses high tech, full body scanning to measure 16 body parts and is fully equipped to track and monitor body composition changes with unparalleled accuracy.

Our aim is to empower and educate clients of all ages. To improve the quality of lives by making positive behavioural lifestyle choices to achieve their goals.

Why use BIOSCAN?

  • The world's first intelligent bioscan body fat % machine

  • Full body analysis with 40 measurements 

  • Scientifically proven and compared to DEXA SCAN 

  • Non invasive and used harmless multi frequency bioelectrical pulses that you can't feel

  • Instant printed detailed report

  • Used by high level athletes 


Compared Bioscan Evolt 360 to DEXA

  • Results compared both body fat biological test and concluded "The Evolt 360's measurement results is the same as DEXA's"

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