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Today we have COACH MOEY from FRONTLINE FITNESS in the house giving us the run down on posterior chain exercises.

Ever wondered why you aren’t as powerful as the guy or gal with the peachy ass?

A powerlifter, probably one of the worlds best stated:

“I’ve never seen a strong person with a small ass.”

… this man by the name of Louie Simmons is arguably the posterior building KING. If anyone knows a thing or two about developing the posterior chain, it’s this man.

Yes, training the posterior chain is important BUT, it does not have to be overly complicated.

No need to reinvent the wheel here. Most of you don’t even have time to train, let alone to sit there and become paralysis by analysis. Keep it simple, but EFFECTIVE!


Here are my top 5 posterior chain exercises in no particular order. These movements are five (5) of many exercises I prescribe to my clients. The movements provided can be varied in numerous ways such as; loading, volume and tempo. So, while there are only 5 variations, get creative and vary the execution and stimulus.


#5 – Landmine Romanian deadlift

For many, Hip Hinging just doesn’t come naturally. With the landmine attachment it allows the bar path to ensure you drive them hips back to create room for the hinge. The load is closer to the mid-section, rather than a straight bar directly in front of the body like your traditional Barbell Romanian Deadlift. If you have had any lower back issues, this can be the key to true lower body development.

This movement can be trained in all ranges. 3-5, 6-10 and even 15+


#4 – Glute Emphasis Back Extensions

Talk about LOVE. This movement is a common movement and honestly it just works. The GEBE (Glute Emphasis Back Extension) can be loaded using Bands, Barbells, Medicine Balls or even a Kettlebell. Be creative! I’ve attached an older video of the “Glute Guy” Bret Contreras demonstrating it.

These can be done for HIGH volume 50+ reps



#3 – Banded Russian Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell swing in itself is effective. Add a band and it becomes a whole different ball game. The addition of the band provides an “overspeed eccentric” where it forcefully pulls the KB down on the eccentric motion. By this occurring you’ll need to be more aggressive on the concentric (Swing) part of the KB swing and resistant to the eccentric (Down) phase as the band pulls it down.

Ideally, I love training this movement as a primer for deadlifts or as part of a metabolic finisher. Reps varied from 3-15+



#2 – Hip thrust with band

Here it is, coming in at number #2 on my chart. As stated before, this is in no particular order. Everything performed in the gym has its place when programmed intelligently and executed correctly. The Hip Thrust, famously orchestrated by Bret Contreras can be performed in a tonne of ways. E.g. – Barbell, Banded, Glute bridges, Dumbbell, Banded, and not to mention even standing/kneeling … But that may be for another day.

Attach a band to the bottom of a power rack and take these for a spin going past the mediocre 3 sets of 12 reps. Go beyond the 20+ rep mark. Don’t fear the top end rep ranges.


#1 – Incline loaded walking (On treadmill is applicable here)

WALKING?! REALLY?! Yes. But no ordinary stroll in the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Let's load this bad boy up using 3 tools:

  • The sled: using a sled tied up around the hips in a park

  • Bands:  As you will see in the video tying up a band on a heavy kettlebell or between two 20kg plates on a box/bench behind you.

  • Weighted Vest: If you have one, use it. Best and easiest way to load up your walks.

Key note is to ensure your gait cycle (the way you naturally walk) is not distributed with the added tools. Adding the incline creates a hip dominant stride with a leaning forward torso.

Start off with just 10min and increase this weekly to an average of 15-20min. This can be used as form of Active Recovery on your off days or post session conditioning.


All in all, the main take away point from this is simple. Get out there and train them damn glutes! Use the above movements to further develop your training program and knowledge on becoming stronger on the gym floor and in your day to day functionality.

COACH MOEY – Frontline Fitness

This information can be used to gain a better understanding of lifting and technique required. To find out more about how we can help your neck pain, or to book in for a consultation you can contact us via our Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy & Wellness contact us page, or book online here.


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Written by Moey

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