Get your GIANT wallet out of your back pocket! 



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If your lucky enough to suffer from large wallet syndrome with a big, fat wad of cash; find an appropriate spot to place it.


Those individuals who commonly place their wallets in the back pocket, without moving it before they sit down, are at risk of an injuring their spine or potentially causing an imbalance.  

No one should place their wallet in the back pocket! Not because it may get picked, but due to it's strain and ache it can cause on the spine. It can create an imbalance and asymmetry that can agitate and irritate the pelvis, hips, spine or potentially a nerve such as the sciatic nerve. 

Regardless of the wallet size, we believe strain and ache can still occur to impact surrounding structures. If you see the attached image of the man sitting on the wallet. No more words can describe the impact and strain that can arise.

Here is our tip:

  • Before you sit down, take your wallet out of your back pocket and place it in your jacket, front pocket of your pants (or shorts) or even your shirt pocket. Also, just hold the essentials in your wallet. Remember this is just temporary, and it will reduce future annoying problems and conditions.

This information can be used to gain a better understanding of pain associated with wallets in the back pocket. To find out more about how we can help your coccyx pain, or to book in for a consultation you can contact us via our Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy & Wellness contact us page, or book online here.

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