Ankle Sprains - The most common ankle injury.



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At Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy, we can help your acute or chronic ankle sprain / instability.

We can help athletes and players of many sports including soccer.


Have you recently returned to training for soccer?


At the beginning of a new season, it is crucial to ease yourself back into the activity slowly and by progressively and carefully increasing the parameters. This is because a sudden increase in activity intensity or duration can increase the likelihood of an injury developing.


A common injury associated in the early season is known as an ankle inversion injury (aka a rolled ankle). For many players, a rolled ankle has occurred due to poor landing after a jump or during a run, or stepping onto another players foot.


The RICE principle is applied in the first few days of injury, followed by an extensive and specific program developed by your physiotherapist that focuses on return to sport. Recovery time for an ankle injury is mostly dependent on severity and type of injury. However, once the ankle is injured, re-injuring the ankle is increased if not properly managed. Good recovery requires:

  • Strength training

  • Proprioception training (balancing)

  • Ultrasound therapy and other forms of manual therapy (hands on)


An awesome exercise that has been shown to reduce the reouccrence of ankle sprains is a wobble board / balancing training. A 2009 study found that adding balance training to usual care of an ankle sprain, reduced recurrent ankle sprains. It has been shown and discussed that balance training can improve a persons awareness of ‘where a body part is’ . This is known as proprioception.


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Reference: Hupperets, M. D., Verhagen, E. A. & van Mechelen, W. (2009) Effect of unsupervised home-based proprioceptive training on recurrences of ankle sprain: randomised controlled trial. British Medical Journal, 339: b2684. 

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